About us


YMCA College, Aluva, affiliated to Mahthma Gandhi University, Kottayam, is an institution of higher learning in the unaided sector, owned and manged by YMCA South - West India Region. It was established in the year 2011.  Located in Mekkara Hills, Edayappuram, the college enjoys a quiet rural setting with urban proximity. It is 3 kms from the Aluva railway station and the KSRTC bus station, and 11 kms from the Cochin International Airport. The college is easily accessible by road from Thottumugham on the Aluva – Perumbavoor KSRTC route, and from Rajagiri Hospital on the Aluva Perumbavoor private bus route.


Founded in 1844 by George Williams in London, the Young Men's Christian Association was aimed at putting Christian values into practice among youth by developing in them a healthy body, mind, and spirit. With its pioneering work in the fields of youth empowerment and education, the YMCA contributed enormously to world sports through the invention of basketball and volleyball. Extending its activities into physical education, rural reconstruction, and relief and rehabilitation work during the two World Wars and other calamities, the YMCA is now a worldwide youth organization spread over 120 countries. It focuses also on global issues like  gender equalitysustainable development, and the challenges of globalization and  racism. World YMCA, with its headquarters in Geneva, has consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, and close associations with different organs of the UN.


The National Council of YMCAs of India is a part of the World Alliance of YMCAs, since 1891. Seeing India as a nation of people with vastly diverse languages, cultures, and religions, the Indian YMCA formulates strategies and work plans suited to the needs of the nation and relevant to the local situation. It is committed to strive for a just society. It believes in the sanctity of all life and preservation of all God’s creation, and stands for renewal and reconciliation in communities.



The South West India Region, the largest of the nine regions of the Indian YMCA, has its central office at Aluva in Ernakulam district. It represents the Movement in Kerala, and consists of nearly 510 units across the State. It oversees the multifarious activities of the movement and manages several socially relevant projects in different parts of the state. It also provides a common forum for the YMCAs throughout the State in tune with the concerns of the national movement.


The YMCA College at Aluva in Ernakulam district was started jointly by the Regional Executive Committee of YMCA South West India Region and the YMCA Aluva Project Management Committee.

Centrally located in the state of Kerala, Ernakulam has immense possibilities in education. Ernakulam does have a wide variety of institutions of higher and professional education, and it is a major hub of information technology and allied skills as well as of ever-growing commercial activity. Still there is a lack of facilities to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to avail the opportunities that these centres offer, and to meet the challenges of the future. The YMCA College, Aluva, is intended to meet this need.



The YMCA College aims at offering to young men and women of all communities education of the whole person, giving them proper understanding of the subjects of study, and the skills and competencies to best equip them for professions, careers, and life itself. The ultimate aim is to make them professionally competent, intellectually sound, and socially committed individuals who bring out the best in them for themselves and for the society.


Our vision is to be centre of higher learning that keeps looking forward, and which our youth look up to for realizing their best.


Library and Digital Information Centre

The facilities on the campus include a well-equipped Library and Digital Information Centre, which has books on all relevant subjects like Management, Commerce, Maths, Finance, and General Knowledge. This Centre and the computer facilities are kept regularly upgraded.

Sports and Games

Students are encouraged to participate in various sports and games, both indoor and outdoor. The facilities for these are also periodically upgraded.


The college offers undergraduate programmes under the Choice Based Credit and Semester System (CBCSS) of Mahatma Gandhi University. These UG programmes consist of six semesters, and include Common Courses, Core Courses, Complementary Courses, Vocational Courses, and Open Courses.

The common course in English has been designed with a view to improving the communication skill of students. The Open Courses are offered in Fifth Semester.

The college also offers P.G Programme M.Com (Finance).


1.       B.Com. (Finance and Taxation)

This course is the most in demand among students who intend to pursue careers as Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, or other Professional Tax Practitioners. It also provides a sound basis for those who intend to pursue postgraduation (M.Com. or MBA) and further research oriented studies. This course offers subjects like Computerised Accounting, Capital Market, and Investment Management, in addition to the optional subject Finance and Taxation.

Eligibility for the programme: Pass in plus two OR equivalent examination (as per   M. G.  University norms)

2.       B.Com. (Computer Application)

This course aims to train students in the use of computer skills in commerce and business, with special emphasis on skill development for employability. It is essentially a job-oriented course meant to prepare students for careers in MCCA , BPOA and computer dominated sector . The course offers Computer Application as an optional Subject while Capital Market and Investment Management are offered as open courses. In addition to the optional subjects, Commerce related subjects like Business Organisation, E-Commerce, Cost Accounting, and Financial Accountancy are also included in this course.

Eligibility for the programme: Pass in plus two OR equivalent examination (as per M. G.  University norms)

3.        M.Com. (Finance)

This programme prepares students primarily for careers in teaching and research.

Eligibility for the Programmes

Graduation in Commerce / BBA / BBM with CGPA of not less than 1.80 out of 4 in the core group ( Core+ Complementary + Open Courses )


Graduation in Commerce / BBA / BBM with not less than 45% marks in part 3 Main (Core + Subsidiaries / Complementaries)



As the college is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, admissions to the B.Com. and M.Com. Programmes will be through the Centralised Allotment Process (CAP) of the University, and as per the guidelines issued by the University from time to time.


Political or religious activism or any sort of indiscipline within the campus will not be tolerated in the college. All students are expected to maintain good discipline inside and outside the campus. Outsiders are not allowed to enter the campus and interfere with the activities. Use of Mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the college campus.


Ragging in the college campus is strictly prohibited. Complaints will be viewed seriously and appropriate action will be taken against offenders. Any student causing any sort of mental or physical harassment to any fellow student or students by words or acts will face stringent action, which may include registering of criminal cases against him / her as per the directions of the honourable Supreme Court of India. Students are, therefore, warned against involving in any such activities.


Each student is requested to take a positive role in maintaining a mutually caring, loving, and humane community on the campus.

For this, students are encouraged to understand and practise some core values: caring to understand others; keeping integrity and moral uprightness in what they say and do; taking their personal and social responsibility seriously; showing respect to others; and cultivating tolerance and inclusiveness without discrimination to anyone.  



All students are expected to follow the dress code decided by the college. The uniform will be arranged by the college following admission.


An effective and supportive Parent Teacher Association functions in the college.  Meetings of the PTA are conducted in the college in every Semester to review the progress and welfare of the students and discussing matters connected with the smooth and successful functioning of the college.



Monday to Thursday: 10 am to 1.00 pm & 1.45 pm to 3.30 pm 

Friday: 10 am to 12.45 pm  & 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm